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MacKenzie Art Gallery, , 28— The Lamb family was bourgeois and thoroughly middle class, though also eccentric in structure. Mortimer-Lamb was particularly fond of Dolly and often photographed her. Mortimer-Lamb accepted a position as secretary of the Mining Association of British Columbia, and the family settled on a farm known as Hill Cottage on the south shore of Burnaby Lake.

In her memoir, Wild Flowers of Canada: Impressions and Sketches of a Field Artist , Molly Lamb Bobak, as she became after her marriage to Bruno Bobak — , recounts the happy times she spent surrounded by animals and the vast rural environment: Meadows, woods, tangled gardens, streams, ponds—and, of course, the deserted old Mervin house, with its dark weathered wood and broken Lamb Bobak, Wild Flowers of Canada , They exhibited the work of Canadian painters, sculptors, and photographers and became renowned for the progressive images they created.

In Mortimer-Lamb photographed painter Emily Carr in her studio; he was an early champion of her work. Dad and Emily got on very well, for a time at least. He bought a lot of her work before the Montreal dealers had ever heard of her, but later on when Dad felt he had too many Emily Carrs, he sold some of them at a profit. She found out and ended the friendship. In a letter to Arthur Lismer dated January, 28, , Mortimer-Lamb enlisted the help of the influential teacher and member of the Group of Seven, asking him: Mary Williams also played a pivotal role in her daughter becoming an artist.

She also passed on her passion for nature and for flowers to her Foss and Richmond, Molly Lamb Bobak , The transfer to art school in was momentous for Molly Lamb. Anything could happen from then on; anything was possible with a little skill and a lot of work—Shadbolt introduced me to a great Lamb Bobak, Wild Flowers of Canada, One could see layers of watercolour over surfaces and taut blue strokes shattering around the edges, open, moving.

Shadbolt remained a close confidant and mentor to Lamb for decades after she completed her art studies. In the summer of he married Vera Weatherbie — , an artist fascinated by mysticism who had been a student at the Vancouver School of Art at the same time as Lamb.

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Varley painted many portraits of Vera, perhaps the best known of which is Dharana , TouchWood Editions, , — Paintings and Drawings, exhibition catalogue Fredericton: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, , An oil portrait, Figure , c. Lamb never explained why she decided to join the army, though it seems that once she had enlisted, she regretted the choice almost instantly:. I had a medical and signed papers all afternoon. When it was over the corporal showed me to my room.

Celia Bobak | Television Academy

Bare, bare, bare—even a naked electric light bulb over the brown double bunk which was to be my bed—the top half. I had to have a pass, and that was the most shocking thing of all. I finally managed to get one which allowed me to be out until 11 P.

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Army life suited the spunky Lamb. Although she practised the usual drills and dutifully completed jobs in the laundry and the canteen assigned to women, she soon found her own interests. Right from the start, Lamb kept a journal: The diary was published in full in , with editorial commentary by Carolyn Gossage, as Double Duty: Like her earlier Yellow Point Lodge diary, this unique wartime record took a newspaper form, with headlines, editorials, special supplements, and interviews.

The army had a profound effect on Lamb, both personally and professionally.

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While she was in Toronto she reconnected with A. He writes in the foreword of Double Duty: Dundurn Press, ], 7. In the summer of Lamb was reassigned to Ottawa, where she was tasked with drawing the daily work at the Trades Training offices and allowed time to document the activities of her fellow CWACs.

As she noted in her memoir: While there, however, Lamb visited the Art Students League , where she discussed her diary and was advised to show it to editors at Life magazine.

Significance & Critical Issues

Finally, as the war neared its end in Europe, Lamb received the long-sought appointment from the Canadian War Artists Selection The committee had been established in by Vincent Massey and the director of the National Gallery of Canada, H. McCurry, under the auspices of the Department of National Defence. Duncan, like Lamb, had petitioned the CWASC for an appointment as an official war artist, but was denied, perhaps because she was not already in uniform.

Women were not allowed on the active war front, and once the hostilities ceased, Lamb was transferred to London, England, in June , six weeks after Victory in Europe VE Day. Over the next few months, her position as a war artist gave her invaluable professional experience and opportunities. Asked to document the aftermath of the war, Lamb shared a studio at Fairfax House in High Holborn, London, with Bruno Bobak, whom she met for the first time.

Harris — , and Tom MacDonald — —and, over the following decades, she remained in touch with many of them. Later, she described their relationship without embellishment: In Bruno Bobak began teaching at the Vancouver School of Art , and the family once again relocated. In Vancouver, he built a family house, assisted by his architect friends Ron Thom — and Douglas Shadbolt — Although their circumstances were improving, Molly, now with two small children, Alexander Sasha and Anny, found little time to paint.

Bobak's Signature Events

She did draw, however, in moments between her domestic duties and her job teaching night school at the Vancouver School of Art. So successful was she as an instructor that she was also asked to deliver art lessons across the province, where again her classes proved popular even in remote locations in the interior. We hope you understand, and consider subscribing for unlimited online access.

Bobak Ferdowsi remembers the moment in when he was inspired to become an astronautical engineer. He joined a person team that was beginning a nine-year effort to develop, launch, and land the Mars Science Laboratory and its Curiosity rover vehicle.

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He let me apprentice in different roles, like writing requirements, testing, and operations. That exposure, combined with systems-level training from LAI, helped Ferdowsi become one of four flight directors who oversaw the mission from launch to landing. He also served as activity lead for the landing on August 6, This resulted in an Internet meme: Ferdowsi describes the experience, which included Mohawk references by President Obama in a congratulatory call to JPL and being invited to the State of the Union address, as surreal: The race is on to define the new blockchain era.

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